At the Lower East Side Girls Club, NYC, September 2017

At the Lower East Side Girls Club, NYC, September 2017

In my one-of-a-kind workshop Self-Centered, I invite you to connect to the wisdom and experience of your younger self. Following a brief overview of how my novel Light Years is both inspired by and divergent from my own life story, participants will take a creative journey of their own. First, I lead a guided grounding meditation that prepares the mind and body to connect with memory and deep emotion. Then, I talk through a step-by-step written practice designed to plumb both narrative and emotional memory to create character and story that are organically inventive, yet rooted in personal truth. Students come away calm, clear, and curious to keep digging, along with possessing renewed creative fire with which to move in whatever direction they may choose.

This offering can be tailored for both adult and teenage audiences and requires a minimum of one hour to complete (two hours is optimal). 

Contact me for details or to book a workshop. 


"Emily Ziff Griffin is a fantastic writer and an inspirational presence in the classroom. My MFA students at UC Riverside have demanded she return, hopefully as soon as possible." --Tod Goldberg, NY Times bestselling author & director of UC Riverside's low-residency MFA program in creative writing

“Emily’s workshop offers a unique, step-by-step technique for bringing emotional depth to fiction. My college students-- at both the beginning and advanced levels-- credited the workshop with helping them break out of autobiography into exhilarating invention. Students were riveted by Emily’s description of how Light Years emerged from her lived experience of grief and loss. She inspired them to explore the depths of their own experience and gave them a way to transform that experience into art.” —Rosemary Graham, YA Novelist and Professor of English and Creative Writing, Saint Mary’s College of California

"Emily created a space free of judgement as she guided us. Through her process we were able to transform personal events into equally meaningful fictional components for our writing. It was an inspiring event, one which we hope to host again." --Jennie Russo, The Good Lodge