My father was a visionary advertising executive, once described as a 'writer who thought in pictures.' His agency serviced the arts exclusively and he believed firmly that the more he got artists talking about their work, the better he could understand how to support and sell it. He described getting to the 'essence' of a piece of art, then using that to connect to its audience. 

It is perhaps no accident that I chose to build my career with a similar type of thinker, Philip Seymour Hoffman whose production company I ran for over a decade. Phil also strove to identify the essence of a film or project--'what's it really about?' are words I was trained to ask of every piece of creative work i encountered. What lives underneath the narrative and makes this work relevant and resonant and universal in some way? That became the seminal question I asked and answered over and over again writing my own novel. It's the question I continue to ask of every creative impulse I have and every artist I engage with. 

At some point, most of us have the urge to make something. A book, a script, a website, a story. But many of us struggle with where to begin or how to find that all-critical essence. I've spent nearly twenty years honing the tools to find it and it is my privilege to share those tools one-on-one with you. 

Sessions are approximately one hour, by phone or in person in East LA. They consist of conversation, questions, review of existing work, planning, and homework. They require self-awareness, honesty, willingness, open-heartedness, and commitment. 'Talent' is a given, because we all have creative talent, it just may be long-buried or mislabeled.

I am not your editor, I will not give page-by-page notes on your script. I will not find you an agent or introduce you to talent. This is high-level work designed to get to the bottom of what you want to say and do with your art, and how to best achieve that. But don't worry, it will be fun. 

Cost: $175/session. Contact me to book or learn more.